Another Formk of Censorship or who is not included inthe Debates


                 Another form of Censorship


                  Recently the Pennsylvania GOP challenged the required Presidential signature Petitions of two of the three major Alternative Parties in Pennsylvania; The Constitution and Libertarian Parties, even though both Parties had gathered twice the amount of required signatures.  Evidently the Romney Campaign does not have enough belief in their message to let the voters hear other voices. This Signature Challenge started in Philly on August 20th and ended a week ago. It’s reminiscent of a recent Moscow Trial, one difference being that Vladmir Putin wants to keep his female protestors in jail.  In Pennsylvania, they merely want to fine these other voices $80,000 or so (Ralph Nader and Carl Romanelli) and keep them off the ballot.  The Pa Greens who were not challenged this year by the Pa Democrats, unlike in 2008, (and non-presidential years 2006 and 2010) are helping with these Challenges.  As the Industrial Workers of the World said “An injury to one is an injury to all”.


            To paraphrasea book title by John Stormer, “None dare call it Censorship”, but what would you call it if the Candidate you want to vote for, be it Virgil Goode ( Constitution Party) or Gary Johnston of The (Libertarian Party) or Cynthia McKinney ( Greens, 2008) is not on the ballot.  Even if one has Voter ID does it matter if your Candidate of Choice is not on in a state where the counting of write in votes is occasional at best? If this is not  voter suppression, or idea suppression, the removal of civil and voting rights, what should we call it?  If this were happening in China or Russia, the US would be pontificating at The United Nations, speaking of sanctions, and piously saying this could never happen in our Democracy.


          At the end of this challenge, the Constitution Party

decided they couldn’t afford the possible costs  (100,000) while the Libertarians stayed the long course and won.  I’m proud to say I was a minor part of this major fight.


Maybe one year we will have a functioning Democracy in Pennsylvania, but it hasn’t happened under either Corbett or Rendell. 

The Pennsylvania Ballot Access Coalition, of which I am a

Member, continues to fight for this.  Contact me at or see for further information.


To quote noted Poet Bob Ocean

“Thanks for going through this with me”


About bobsmall1

Bob Small has read at Bacchanal, Barnes and Noble, Borders, The Booksource (Swarthmore), The Clark Park Festivals,Community College of Philadelphia Highwire Gallery, The Mad Poets Annual Food Fest Reading, The Middle East Restaurant, Nexus GalleryThe Painted Bride Arts Center, The Philadelphia Ethical Society, Robin's Bookstore The University of Pennsylvania and also in New York City, Trenton, NJ, Washington, DC, and in many Delaware Valley Venues. He is the author of numerous chapbooks, including El Otro Lado (with Maralyn Lois Polak), On watching America Die, Small Steps and Toes (with Lamont B. Steptoe), and The Unapoet. This is his first Reading in over a year. Bob Small was Founder and President of the two decades old Poets and Prophets, which presented Poetry Readings in both Delaware County and Philadelphia. Bob was the Chair of The Delaware County Green Party and was the First Green Party Candidate in Delaware County (2005). He was also a Green Party National Delegate, among other duties. He is the Founder and Facilitator of The Pennsylvania Ballot Access Coalition (PaBac), which is a Coalition of both Independents and Third Parties., seeking to legislatively improve Pennsylvania's Ballot Access Laws. (Facebook) Bob is also a founding member and Facilitator of Democracy Unplugged, and Delco Debates, which has presented Independent and Third Party Forums in Delaware County since 2004. Facebook) He was formerly involved with Cinema Resistance, and Delco Pledge of Resistance. Bob currently lives in Swarthmore with his wife and their menagerie of animals. He is currently focused on writing a Novel and organizing his Poetry, which he posts on his Blog (Bob Small1). He is retired from most of the above activities, except Delco Debates and Poets and Prophets, which he may return to.
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