The 2008 Southern Trip on Copperhead Road and The Lighthouse

On Copperhead Road is one of those times when you just know this a wrong turn into forever.

The Lighthouse is something I saw and as Howard Rutter used to say

“It’s my story and I’m sticking to it”


On Copperhead Road

Dedicated to Dr. Who


Driving down Copperhead Road
in West Virginea
I felt like I was entering
a Carter Family song
one that ends badly

There wasn’t any reason
to feel that worried way
not the weather
or anyone else
just the act of driving down-

Sometimes I feel like
there are memories
I should have
from someplace
I’ve never seen before

I’m always afraid
that I do have these memories
and that I do know this place!
but that the memory is silence
and should remain so

Driving down Copperhead Road
I suddenly know
where the turn leads
and remember
to turn right

Bob Small 7-23 revised 7-24

The Lighthouse seen from the Highway

I’ve seen lighthouses from highways before
just not one
plucked in the middle of a field
they moved the ocean

I’ve seen lighthouses
even walked through some
Strange beasts
that lean towards the water
straining free from the land

This was not a trick of eyes
mind or heart
eyes mind or heart
this was where it was what it was
though better unseen

I could of stopped
taken a photo
but photos are proof and
you just don’t want proof

Bob Small
7-22-08 revised 7-23


About bobsmall1

involved with Delaware County Green Party, Democracy Unplugged, Pennsylvania Ballot Access Coalition, and Poets and Prophets. Poet and Writer living in Pennsylvania. We have three cats, two dogs, and six chickens. Retired from any meaningful work a while ago. Like the adventure of new music, new (old) films, new experiences, yeah!
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