Storyworth Noreaster

Story worth Noreaster

Note; Storyworth is a weekly gift from my Wife’s Daughter Tapu, where you can write or call in the stories. Normally I call in the stories


The first Noreaster, which was mainly rain and some snow, came on Friday, March 2nd. Due to the prediction we gave up our tickets to Shen Yun, which is a wonderful spectacle, which we hope to see next year when it comes around again. We were afraid we couldn’t make it back due to dire weaher predictions.

We gave the tickets to locals Don and Carol Kennedy who have offered upcoming Phil Orch Concert when they do modern music, which they know we (I) like.

Thursday Night, the electric went out (Peco) along with the Internet and phone (Verizon Fios). We entered the world of cell phones, candles, lanterns, etcetera.

The electric, including TV, was restored on Saturday, March 3rd, thanks to Peco/Direct TV.

We have known from Nextdoor Swarthmore and other sources that many had lost their electric for much longer. At this point, I kept remembering myself that some people live on the streets or go to sleep under a bridge or in their car, so don’t feel so much pity for oneself.

During this whole time, (actually prior)

On the morning of Friday,  February 23rd,  our beloved Tyr, our Senior Animal had woken up without the use of his back legs or his bowels. Tyr had been an inside cat with outdoor privileges almost since his kittenhood. We spent a bit of time going to our Vet who kept him and tried a steroid treatment to no avail. We also took him to a place called Hope Vet, but they were unable to help. After the steroid treatment, we took him home and did hospice in a cage in the living room. There were daily trips to the Vet for urine elimination. Tyr was about 80 in human years (16 in cat years). Tyr was our outdoor cat whom we had raised from a young, fierce kitten. Named after Tyr Anastasi of the TV Series Andromeda.

Sometimes, we still expect to see him come home.  We’ve adjusted but we haven’t.

On March 7th, which was a 2nd Noreaster, and, coincidentally, my natal day, we decided it was time to “put him down”. God, that sounds so dispasssionate. At least it didn’t happen while he was out hunting and at least we know what happened, if not why. If there is a place called heaven, he should meet us there. Somebody once said, “if there are no animals in heaven, then we don’t want to go.”

Also, on March 7th, we had tickets for the Ava/Philadelphia Opera production of “A Quiet Place”, the last Opera of Leonard Bernstein. Due to the weather and Tyr, we decided to exchange our Tickets for Friday.

We were due to go to the Northeast of Philadephia on Thursday, for a few reasons, but changed that because we were still waiting for Verizon to come and fix our Internet/Phone.

They were due on Tuesday. Evidently they came, saw the downed wire, said Hmm and threw it to the construction section.

Meanwhile, we were calling 1-800-831-4966 and variants to find out WTF was going on.

Soon we were told they would come on Thursday. Did not. Finally someone came on Friday and, after three intensive hours and numerous calls to, I guess his Manager, we had

computer and electric again. 

Friday Night we went to see the Opera.  A couple points.  This is the worsest Libretto I can remember.  (Reminds me of the fictional Opera in a female british Mystery Writers novel, where the Opera was so bad, that it was unclear whether the young bold Composer was murdered by one of his many females or an irate critic.)  Bernstein’s music was wonderful and someone should create a suite of the music. The libretto felt like Tennesee Williams on acid. Bad acid.

Walking back I again felt out of breathless by around four blocks.

Only happens in Philly.


Saturday, we drove to Lancaster for chicken feed. Our chickens deserve only the best. During the ride back, we heard a ka chunk or maybe it was a ka thump, anyway, it was not a welcome sound. It meant something was wrong with out car. Calling on all my expertise, I checked under the car and looked under the hood. Could find nothing. Made it home with straw and all other items.

Sunday on the way out to someplace, heard a more pronounced ka chunk ka thump ka ka!

Ended up at Bob’s Mobil, where they jammed the Passenger front bumper back in & rendered it drivable.

Monday on the way to NE for some other appts, we hit a pothole on I 95 (Because we couldn’t move out of the center lane as the lanes on either side were occupied). Later a truck in front of us had a blown tire, one of their four rear ones. Shortly after that I noticed there were lit indicators on the Prius, none of which were “you just hit the lottery good news”. Made it to appt and back

Meanwhile the meterologists were predicating yet another Noreaster. Why couldn’t it be a Southeaster this time.

Went to the first night of my Wallingford Swarthmore Play Class, which I feel really good about.

At my age, I need to have things to look forward to and plan for.

On Tuesday, I dropped the car off at Clark’s, who were able to reprogram the indicators, do an overdue inspection, and a whole bunch of others items.

Meanwhile, we were visited by Ceanna and her first offspring. Ceanna lived with us as a student for a while.

After I picked up the car, we all four went to Swarthmore Pizza and actually had a Pizza. Usually I get a  salad.

Went to one of my SG meetings (support group) but left early because I had to get to Giant’s by 9 to pick up a USA Today with the thumbnail sketches of all 64 (68) NCAA Teams. Stupid, but as the saying goes “you have the right to remain stupid”.

During the day, I did a lot of walking and was pleased to see it didn’t knock me out as it does anytime I walk in Philly anymore. However, I was bored as ____, and decided I need to walk more, so called John B to set up a walking appt for maybe Friday.

Will stop here.

Left out a lot.


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