Up to Clifton-Aldan re-starting on novel

It was Saturday then and at the Dartmoor Train Station

It was Saturday then and at the Dartmoor Train Station. They had their signs and the plans of whom they might meet and where they might go and who to call if arrest, who to call if arrest, who to call if arrest. Ted wondered if Mary also wondered why they were going again to an anti-war demonstration in Philadelphia and Ted wondered how he would occupy his mind and it would probably be another unwritten novel in his mind and he wondered what Mary would do but, luckily, as they got on the R#3

she found an old friend of hers that was Ted averse. And he her. And he her.

First it swirled in his head, the Nippler Arena, Rockin’54 maybe Rockin’59, then Joe from Upstate. Slowly it came together, Nippler Arena was a minor league Hockey Arena in some fictional Pennsylvania City, call it Holstock if that hasn’t been used, maybe the Holstock Heathen, in the DE Penn Nj league, probably a Rookie League affiliated with the NHL. Or maybe an Indy League where

most of them weren’t goin up or down but still had dreams, still had dreams.

Passing the Morton stop he remembered a friend who had stopped being one for reasons unknown.

It wasn’t even a proper separation, he just stopped returning phone calls and-

So this un named guy works in a community college mail room, which he once did, steals classical records mailed to departed Faculty (noone really cares), is part of as group that goes to the games at

The Nip’, having nips before, during and after…..

Secane Stop was where there were a Y he used to go to during his periodic bouts with exercise. The problem with exercise was, if it was a group, you worried about keeping up, if you were a single, you tried to keep ambition up, and besides why were you there anyhow….

so this guy majors in bar belles, one night falls, women with a lot of problems or just one, drinking. They go together until they don’t, neither one wanting anything approaching serious but both wanting someone they can point to as in “Well, now, I’m seeing ___________ and it might be getting to the point-” But it never did. Never would. He wasn’t sure what he wanted.

Primos station had only one memory for him and it was never easy. This had been a couple they used to go out with and talk about movies, politics, religion, and well, almost everything. They would pick them up because Frank was “feared” of driving after a bad accident and Myra didn’t. Once they knew

their frailities, or some of them, it was easy to open up about theirs. They didn’t have to “not talk about things” as Mary always wanted to say. One night there was a gunshot-



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Bob Small has read at Bacchanal, Barnes and Noble, Borders, The Booksource (Swarthmore), The Clark Park Festivals,Community College of Philadelphia Highwire Gallery, The Mad Poets Annual Food Fest Reading, The Middle East Restaurant, Nexus GalleryThe Painted Bride Arts Center, The Philadelphia Ethical Society, Robin's Bookstore The University of Pennsylvania and also in New York City, Trenton, NJ, Washington, DC, and in many Delaware Valley Venues. He is the author of numerous chapbooks, including El Otro Lado (with Maralyn Lois Polak), On watching America Die, Small Steps and Toes (with Lamont B. Steptoe), and The Unapoet. This is his first Reading in over a year. Bob Small was Founder and President of the two decades old Poets and Prophets, which presented Poetry Readings in both Delaware County and Philadelphia. Bob was the Chair of The Delaware County Green Party and was the First Green Party Candidate in Delaware County (2005). He was also a Green Party National Delegate, among other duties. He is the Founder and Facilitator of The Pennsylvania Ballot Access Coalition (PaBac), which is a Coalition of both Independents and Third Parties., seeking to legislatively improve Pennsylvania's Ballot Access Laws. (Facebook) Bob is also a founding member and Facilitator of Democracy Unplugged, and Delco Debates, which has presented Independent and Third Party Forums in Delaware County since 2004. Facebook) He was formerly involved with Cinema Resistance, and Delco Pledge of Resistance. Bob currently lives in Swarthmore with his wife and their menagerie of animals. He is currently focused on writing a Novel and organizing his Poetry, which he posts on his Blog (Bob Small1). He is retired from most of the above activities, except Delco Debates and Poets and Prophets, which he may return to.
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