ABlog day number 3

Today is Saturday, Feb 26th and we have spent the day Petitioning to get a

Ballot Question on the May Ballot.  We need 700 signatures.May I say immodestly that I collected around 50, more than half in front of the

Swarthmore Post Office and the rest using issued Street lists.
This was our use of the day and a good one it was.

We went out to dinner at Swarthmore Pizza where I virtuously consumed

a salad.  Oh the Ballot Question. This is about whether the (formerly) Quaker

Borough of Swarthmore should allow liquor (horrors!) to be sold in town.

Currently only the long dreaded long delayed Swarthmore College Hotel Inn

can serve the spirits, due to a 2001 Referendum. The idea of this referendum,

a joint project between students and “townies” is to have a level playing field,’

among others.  As someone who has long been in recovery, I really don’t care

whether liquor is served here.  In early recovery it might of made me nervous but now it wouldn’t matter. I am mindful, however, on the bad effect it could have on some.  So I have two minds on how it might eventuate.

Of course, the ultimate purpose is to derail the Inn, which many of us see,

for many obvious reasons, security and traffic just being two, as leading

to the end of Swarthmore life as we know it.

After I finish this Blog entry, for whomever it might please, we will watch one

maybe two Pierot entries as I am still in taping of the Encore Western Channel for the next day or two that we have it.

We are Peace Activists who enjoy watching Westerns, go figure.


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